Arthur Meacham specializes in database development software using SQL Server and Microsoft Access and enjoys helping others with their computer problems. With years of experience in building and working with database programs and training others to use computer software, he founded Public Safety Computer Services, doing business as PSCS. Since its founding, Arthur has helped agencies and groups across the country with computer problems from training personnel on using software products to creating custom reports for upper management. At times when there wasn't a software product to meet a need, a new one was developed and became a part of the PSCS product line. Today, PSCS continues to provide software programs both off the shelf from existing products as well as custom database development.

"Our mission is simple. We want to give our customers the database software they need to do their jobs with more accuracy and efficiency, at a price that is reasonable and fair to them and to us, with the continued care and support they deserve after the sale.”

Arthur Meacham, CEO
846 E Washington St
Shreveport, LA 71104